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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 14.0.0
  • Date Updated: JUN-21-2016
  • Developer: Opera Software.

Discover the stability and technology improvements of this mobile version

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Opera Mini is one of most common mobile web browsers. It compress the pages, thus, it uses far fewer data resources. Developed by Opera Software, this browser was designed to make accessible the Internet surfing from any kind of cellphone. With a simple operation but effective, Opera Mini is visually appealing.

This free browser is very minimalist and offers quite nice animations and appearance, thumbnails, transition effects between pages and flourishes in the interface. When you upload a page it shows a fade in animation to indicate the uploading status and when you scroll down the page it activate automatically the full screen option.

To get back the pop up start menu, which offers a dedicated google search bar and the address bar searching, just press the Menu button. Google bar works adequately giving you updated results as your style. About tabbed browsing, Opera Mini offers mini tabs animations in the lower of the screen.

It save the History of your activity
It save the History of your activity

How to use

The starter menu offers the following quick options and access: Bookmarks, History, Start Page, Downloads, Settings, Help, and Saved Pages, Find in Page and Share. You can access to your Bookmarks easily because is the first thing you see in the start page. The Bookmarks displayer is visually and with a very easy configuration. Share choice is very useful to your social networking activity, and it work fast and effortless.

It is controlled and smooth when you scrolling screen or zooming and also with text wrapping

Find in Page is a comfortable option, which corresponds to Control+F command. This function gives you a quick and specific search in webpages filled with lots of text. In Setting you can customize the Font Size, the Image Quality (making the surfing faster) if you want to activate Load Images option or Single Column, etc.

It is controlled and smooth when you scrolling screen or zooming and also with text wrapping. It offers very good looking effects with the lateral scroll bar to show downloads content or zooming. To a fast navigation it offers you a quick button to go to the beginning or to the end of the page.

Add your favorite pages to Bookmarks
Add your favorite pages to Bookmarks

Opera Mini 14.0.0 Features

These are some of the characteristics of this browser:

  • Economize on time and money. Opera Mini uses up to 90% less of your data rate, making the surfing experience quicker and lighter
  • Keep informed. Opera Mini offers a Smart Page with a summary of the most important global news and with the latest updates from your friends’ social networking activities
  • Thought to the greatest kind of mobile phones. This is a Java version to cover more terminals around the world
  • Download Manager is a practical functionality to control all the process of transfers (start, stop, resume, etc.)
  • Bookmarks. Manage fast access to your favorite’s pages

If you want more information about this software, feel free to check the author’s website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct installation of Opera Mini are the following:

  • Operating System: Java2ME, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian-UIQ3, Blackberry and Maemo
  • RAM Memory: 256 MB
  • HDD: 30 MB of free space


Opera Mini is intuitive browsing software that has great performance and nice graphics. Share your pictures and feelings on Facebook or Twitter directly from the Share option and save your favorites webpages to fast access.

  • A dedicated google searching bar
  • Automatic activation of full screen option
  • Controlled and smooth in scrolling, zooming and text wrapping functions
  • Problems of compatibilities with html5 elements

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