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  • Version: 5.2.1
  • Date Updated: SEP-28-2017
  • Developer: Popcap Games

Try to keep alive from the horde of zombies that want to attack you!

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Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time is the heavily demanded sequel to Plants vs Zombies, developed again by PopCap Games. This free tower defence video game was released in 2013, and unlike its predecessor, it’s a free-to-play game. Curiously, this game took just fifteen days after the worldwide launch to reach the figure of 25 million downloads, which is the total number of lifetime downloads of the previous game.

It is commonly known by the short name Plants vs Zombies 2, and as the second part of the name suggests, its gameplay is mainly based on past times. In short, the player gets to travel back to Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and finally, the Wild West. But if you don’t like going back in time, don’t worry because you can play its future level, hinted at in-game, which is called Far Future.

Its gameplay is mainly based on past times (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and the Wild West) and in future ones (Far Future)

Crazy Dave is always messing up. Now, he has just enjoyed an awesome Mexican taco, and he wants to go back in time to eat it again. That’s only possible by using the time machine called Penny which is in the form of an RV. When they do the time-traveling, they realize that there is a malfunction, and they’re now in Ancient Egypt! Your main task is to defeat zombies trying to prevent them getting to the left-side of the screen. If you don’t achieve it, they will eat your brain!

Types of plants

Before knowing the exact gameplay, it is recommended that you know what kind of plants you can get to defeat the zombies. First of all, this PopCap action-strategy game is completely free as we mentioned above, but you can buy different elements, such as new plants or powers to play it in different ways.

In Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time there are exactly 25 different plants that you can collect by beating levels and without having to pay anything. However, these plants have a sun cost to get them (which is going to be detailed below after each plant), but don’t worry because you surely have enough sun production to get them.

The most basic ones are the Peashooter (100 sun), the Sunflower (50 sun), the Wall-nut (50 sun) and the Potato Mine (25 sun). You can get them on the first level called Player’s House. In Ancient Egypt you can get other more sophisticated plants such as the Cabbage-pull (100 sun), Bloomerang (175 sun) (one of the most-used plants by users), the Grave Buster (0 sun), the Iceberg Lettuce (0 sun), the Twin Sunflower (125 sun), the Bonk Choy (150 sun) and the Repeater (200 sun).

These are really good but, in my opinion, I prefer the plants that you can play in the Pirate Seas which are Kernel-Pull (100 sun), Snapdragon (150 sun) (this could be one of the most useful plants), Spikeweed (100 sun), Coconut Cannon (400 sun), Spring Bean (50 sun), Cherry Bomb (150 sun), Spikerock (200 sun) and Threepeater (300 sun). Finally, in the Wild West you can get advanced plants such as Split Pea (125 sun), Chili Bean (50 sun), Lightning Reed (125 sun), Tall-nut (125 sun), Pea Pod (125 sun), Melon-Pult (325 sun) and Winter Melon (500 sun).

Plants vs Zombies 2 5.2.1 Features

Plants vs Zombies 2 includes the following features:

  • Its gameplay is mainly based on past times (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and the Wild West) and in future ones (Far Future)
  • It includes 25 different free plants to defeat the zombies
  • You can buy up to six new plants
  • Supercharge them with Plant Food!
  • Player’s House provides you basic plants such as Sunflower, Wall-nut, Peashooter and Potato Mine
  • In Ancient Egypt you can find Bloomerang, Cabbage-Pull, the Iceberg Lettuce, the Twin Sunflower, the Grave Buster, the Repeater and the Bonk Choy
  • In Pirate Seas you can get Cherry Bomb, Snapdragon, Kernel-Pull, Coconut Cannon, Spring Bean, Spikeweed, Threepeater and Spikerock
  • In Wild West you can get Pea Pod, Chili Bean, Split Pea, Tall-nut, Lightning Reed, Winter Melon and Melon-Pult
  • It includes 40 different types of zombies who want eat your brain
  • It includes great Finger Power such as the ability to flick, pinch and zap zombies
  • English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese are supported

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System Requirements

If you want to download Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time, we recommend that you check its system requirements:

  • Operating system: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher
  • Processor: ARM7 1.0 GHz or compatible
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • required space: 214 MB

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